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It is the Policy of MARINT (Offshore Services) Ltd to maintain an independent position in international offshore chartering, towage & salvage consultancy and brokerage, to meet and satisfy the varying requirements of our multinational Clients.

This is achieved by adopting the role of Consultant and highly motivated competitive Broker to our Clients, managing the affairs of the Company in such a way that these services are provided promptly, efficiently with courtesy and taking all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that all applicable legislation and regulations are complied with.

As part of our on-going business principles and ethos, Marint’s aim is also to continue maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our professional and business conduct, as well as reflecting the highest ethical standards in our relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and service providers by:
• Achieving positive improvement of business processes and performance
• Establishing proactive objectives to help communicate and support business direction
• Remaining aware of and understanding internal and external interested party concerns identified through analysis of risks both facing and resultant of business processes and activities
• Retaining an understanding of the importance of duties/roles and direct relevance to the continuing success of the business
• Seeking structured feedback from our clients, to support efforts of enhancing perceived levels of satisfaction

Our Clients can feel assured in the knowledge that we are concerned with their present and future objectives, constantly aware of market patterns and developments.

Our scope: ‘Consultancy and broking for towage, salvage, offshore chartering services and sale and purchase’

This policy statement and commitment will be subject of review, as a minimum, annually in order to confirm its on-going suitability and compliance with and to ensure the continuous improvement of our BS EN ISO 9001 system.